Long-stay rooms in the heart of the City of Berne

Following intensive reconstruction, long-stay rooms have been created in the heart of the City of Berne on the site where the destinies of the powerful automobile associations were once determined. Transforming the former office premises into this particular concept was the logical consequence of the existing building structure, the location and the needs of the market. The building on the crossroad of Mittelstrasse and Zähringerstrasse on Berne’s Länggasse is only ten minutes on foot from Berne’s beautiful city centre. The reduced-traffic roads in the area (20km/h speed limit) offer good quality of living. Everything required on a day-to-day basis is available in the neighbourhood and there is plenty in the way of culture and gastronomy.

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Your temporary home

Need to spend an extended period of time in the City of Berne for personal or business reasons? WGplus offers privacy, flexibility and the perfect place to stay to everyone who values peace and quiet – and would like to cook for themselves occasionally or work from home.  Affordable accommodation is in very high demand in the city of Berne and hence very difficult to find. Long-term stays in hotels blow the budget and people often aren't prepared to lock themselves into long cancellation periods. Our long-stay rooms in the heart of the City of Berne provide the solution and make a stay an affordable option.

Laundry, Internet and cleaning service included

Residents in the new long-stay rooms will not need to worry about bed linen or cleaning the common areas. These issues are conveniently covered by a fixed contribution included in the service charges. Each floor is equipped with its own separate fast Internet access. The cleaning equipment needed to clean the individual rooms is stored in a central location on each floor and can be accessed by all residents. 

Practical furnishings by interio

Interio product designer and interior planner Markus Bangerter is personally responsible for implementing the furnishing concept in the Mittelstrasse facility. The rooms come fully furnished. Everything is provided just as in a top-class hotel - from the office lamp and double bed to the noiseless absorption refrigerator and kettle. Future residents will not even have to change their own bedclothes - the laundry is done on a 14-day cycle.

Cleaning equipment

The equipment required for cleaning individual rooms is stored centrally on each floor for easy access by all residents.


In addition to the highly functional kitchens with balcony or garden exit, tenants can also make shared use of a courtyard in contemporary design complete with barbecue.

Laundry service

Laundry service for bed linen and cleaning of all communal rooms.

28 rooms from «modest» to «spacious»

The former office premises have been transformed into rooms of between 12 and 35 square metres in size, and rental rates vary accordingly. Prices start at CHF 500 net, with heating, laundry and cleaning available from CHF 125 per month. For more demanding tenants, there are four two-room apartments available for rent as well as four rooms with a balcony. On each floor there is a large kitchen shared by three to six rooms and a spacious bathroom with double washbasin.

Each floor also has two separate WCs. The large open-plan kitchens are designed specifically to suit the group living concept. For example, each resident can keep their kitchen utensils in their own personal cupboard. A large fridge with separate freezer compartment, a dishwasher and an extensive supply of saucepans, plates and cutlery are provided for general use. Two large stoves with extractor hood enable several tenants to cook at the same time.

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Attractive community infrastructure

In addition to the highly functional kitchens with balcony or garden exit, tenants can also make shared use of a courtyard in contemporary design complete with barbecue and washbasin. Whether used in groups of individually, the intelligently designed garden has a varied seating layout that allows residents to work or spend time alongside each other.

The facility is pleasantly enhanced with features such as bike stands, a doorbell panel, door opener, automatic door, letterbox system, parcel deposit box, laundry room with four washing machines and four tumble dryers, a large drying room and a modern passenger elevator. The entire building is of course protected against the most diverse eventualities by means of a state-of-the-art security installation.

Contact / Visit

Robert Pfister AG 

Mélanie Lüdi
Neuengasse 17
3011 Bern 

+41 31 320 31 56